MANUFACTURER AND SUPPLIER OF The most innovative & efficient wet abrasive blasting technology on the market


Uses only 30-100 lbs of abrasive per hour!

92% Dust free Abrasive blasting


expels Less than 4 gallons of water per hour!


effectively strips coatings like macropoxy and other industrial epoxy coatings


Great for all types from amateurs to pro

ClearBLAST 150

Uses Most standard sandblasting Abrasives


easily adjusts to Clean or completely strip nearly anything


Saves you big-time on rust inhibitor cost when preventing flash rust!


Highly capable commercial and industrial blasters


Safer operation with the easiest controls


In business, it’s not the price of the equipment, but the cost of operation that determines your profit at the end of a job. Less abrasive used per hour equates to spending less money, saving time and labor cost. A difference of 100lbs of abrasive per hour may sound like nothing, but really that 100lbs means buying less, shipping less, refilling your blaster less, cleaning up less, disposing less, improving your visibility while blasting and more. 

Let’s look at just the abrasive cost alone! Assume you blast part time (20 hours a week) and spend $10 per 50 lb. bag of media. Now take CLEARBLAST using 100lbs/hr versus Brand “X” using 200lbs per hour.

CLEARBLAST: 100lbs/hr. x $0.20/lb. x 20 hrs. = $400/week in media cost.

Brand “X”: 200lbs/hr. x $0.20/lbs. x 20 hrs. = $800/week in media cost.

CLEARBLAST can put an extra $400 per week in your pocket! At that rate, it only takes 10 weeks to make up a $4000 price difference in machinery. Now blast just 20 hours a week throughout the year…

You’re looking at bringing home an extra $20,000 per year by using a CLEARBLAST Wet Abrasive Blaster.

That’s just the abrasive folks! Now add in less labor, less refills, and quicker clean up, less cost in shipping materials, less materials hauled to every job, a smaller machine footprint, less weight on your rig, less time running a compressor on a jobsite. gained time allowing you to blast another job! 100lbs per hour is more than just mess on the ground…it can be the difference of “getting by” and real success.



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