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We are Experts in Wet Abrasive Blasting

The ClearBlast advantage is simple: EVERYTHING we do as a company, including everything we build, sell and support is about giving you and your business the absolute BEST ROI possible for your specific application.

Our patented pneumatic control system, quick semi-automated operations and efficient abrasive output keeps your bottom line low while our high blasting rates give you the speed you need to get the job done fast. Let’s face it, time is money and if it weren’t you’d be shopping for sandpaper right now. Consumption of blasting materials can also have a significant impact on your bottom line. Our water and media efficiency are second to none, and while many wet blasters use far less material than dry blasters, CLEARBLAST systems often use 25-50% of the media and water that our nearest wet blasting competitors do.

Additionally, our day-to-day reliability and support is legendary,  as many of our loyal customers have come to know over the past 10+ years.  Let our experience guide you into new waters and successes.

We are proud to say our machines were designed here and are built by hand here, in the USA!


Over a decade ago,  wet abrasive blasting was introduced to the US commercial and residential markets.  This technology was originally designed mostly for the finesse task of removing ablative boat bottom paint from fiberglass hulls without damaging the fragile gelcoat. The success caught the attention of traditional dry blasters however, there was much to expand upon when it came to the technology's performance capability and operational usability .  It was also over a decade ago that much of our team here at ClearBlast entered the world of wet abrasive blasting.  With that experience, we gained not only the knowledge to understand the equipment, more importantly, we learned about the customer's wants and needs. That is what has led to bring you a wet abrasive blasting system that is top of its class.  

ClearBlast, as a company and a product, represents all that has evolved with wet abrasive blasting.  Our team offers the experience and support to back you up.  Our equipment is extremely efficient, user-friendly and reliable, better allowing for use in both traditional applications and ground breaking territories all across the blasting industry. 


We polled our customer base and focused on a list of the most common challenges which existed with the first generation of wet abrasive blasters (also know as “dustless blasting” or “vapor blasting” machines.  It was immediately apparent that the machines were too complicated to operate, too large and cumbersome to move around, and in most cases, consumed too much water and media.  With that input, we generated our latest lines of equipment to meet the needs of the users and their environments.

Drawing from our collective experience in construction equipment, equipment rental, coatings removal, and manufacturing; we addressed these shortcomings, and the innovative result is the most technologically advanced, efficient, yet most portable and simple to operate wet abrasive blaster, the CLEARBLAST 150.

At CLEARBLAST: We produce state of the art equipment.  We maintain professional business relationships with our users.  We stand behind our product. Contact us today and learn how CLEARBLAST can help you enter into the blasting industry or make your current operation more profitable and safer for your users and your surroundings. 

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