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CLEARBLAST strives to provide users with cutting edge technology. Introducing 100% recycled glass media to the process provides users with productivity, efficiency, and performance. Recycled glass media is an environmentally friendly media that reduces dust and cleanup of any project compared to traditional dry blasting abrasives.

Where does crushed glass come from?
Often referred to as tri-color glass, it is made from recycled beer, whiskey, and other colored glass bottles. Different grades are used for water filtration, concrete additives, insulation, and when graded properly, an excellent blasting abrasive!
Crushed glass sounds like it could hurt me...
Crushed glass is actually the friendliest hard abrasive on the market. It contains no free silica or toxic metals. The recycled bottled glass is manufactured in such a way that it is not sharp on your skin. For instance, you can place your hand in the bag, move it around and it will never cut you.
Currently use (Coal Slag) Black Beauty or other dry blast media: how does it compare?
The recycled crushed glass is a direct replacement for Black Beauty (coal slag) and is used as a replacement for many of the standard blast media on the market. It is also packaged in 50lb bags, super sacks, and bulk trailers.
Is crushed glass dusty?
All abrasives are dusty. However, because most of the glass is clear the dust is actually translucent, allowing for far greater visibility than traditional abrasives. When used in a CLEARBLAST Wet Abrasive Blaster it will eliminate up to 90% of airborne particulates.

How can glass be silica-free?

Recycled bottle glass is chemically known as Amorphous Silica, which means it contains less than 1% free-silica. Free-silica is commonly found in traditional blasting sand and other hard abrasive sandblasting media. Silica-sand dust in its natural state has an “open” crystalline structure that has the capability of sticking to lung tissues. When this happens, the likelihood of developing a serious respiratory disease called Silicosis increases. Because our recycled glass blast media is amorphous, its crystalline structure is “closed”, which makes it impossible to physically stick to human lung tissue. When a person is exposed to amorphous glass fines or dust, the body will expel the dust as it would any other type of natural dirt.

Recycled glass media is California Air Control Board (CARB) and The Strategic Petroleum Reserve approved. Recycled glass media is manufactured from 100% Recycled Bottle Glass, which means it is non-toxic and completely inert, that can be used near and around water. Consistently uniform size distributions guarantee repeatable surface profiles and cleanliness.

Always test a small inconspicuous area before attempting to restore a large surface.

If you have questions on what media to use for your project, just call and we will make sure you make the right choice and at the right price for you!

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