Wet Abrasive Blasting Machine

Big Performance, efficient package

Less is more with the CB150.  Uses an average of just 75lbs of abrasive per hour and expels less than 4 gallons of water per hour.  Achieve anything from light cleaning to industrial coatings removal.  Multiple blast modes allows users to go from abrasive blasting to water rinse to air only at the flick of one switch!  Built on a wheeled platform that stands at just 4 Ft. x 4 Ft. x 26″ wide, this blaster carries a run time of +1 hours and can reach blasting pressures up to 120psi. Removes even the toughest epoxy coatings from steel or the lightest stain from concrete!

Patented Intuitive Controls

With a design like no other, the CB150 makes easy work of a once complicated process. The simple controls and operations allow for even a first time user to setup and blast within minutes! It’s as easy as 1-2-3.

Built to Last Construction

Stainless steel piping, a powder-coated finish atop a hard steel crash frame, and steel paneling protects the CB150’s internal components from wear in the harsh working environment. Our NOW 2-YEAR full warranty ensures your investment will last for the long haul.

The CB150 is a real “Do-It-All”

Polished & brushed aluminum, fiberglass boat bottoms, hardwoods, poly tanks, tile, concrete, brick, automotive panels, structural carbon steel, stainless steel and more.  Almost every surface is in play when it comes to blasting, cleaning and removing coatings, grime, rust and more with the CLEARBLAST 150.  Select a suitable media, dial in your blast pressure from 30-120psi, then independently adjust your wet abrasive mixture. Do-it-all with CLEARBLAST!


Dimensions 48″L x 26″W x 48″H
Weight 375 lbs. Dry

673 lbs. Wet

Air Capacity 90-300cfm
Pot Media Capacity 100 lbs.
Onboard Water Capacity 25 Gallons
Hose Length 50 Ft. Blast Hose Standard,

Up To 200 Ft. with Extension Hoses

Available Accessories Hose Extension, XL Blast Nozzle, Nozzle Extension, Dosing Pump
Warranty* Complete Machine for 1 Year From Original Purchase Date
*Please see complete warranty for details.
**Specifications subject to change without notice.


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