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The Larger Industrial Solution

HIGH performance, High Volume Unit

  • Made to optimally pair with big 300-600 CFM air supply.
  • Built with 1-1/2″ piping throughout,  supplied with an 1-1/4″ blast hose with a #8 XL nozzle giving you max performance and removal rates.
  • 4.5 cubic foot vessel holds 300-400 pounds of abrasive.
  • Maximum performance run-time: 2.5 hours before reload
  • Lean performance run-time: 4 hours before reload

Built to Take a hit

  • Fully powder coated solid steel crash cage with removable side panels for optimal protection of your components.
  • Powder coated blast pot, inside and out.
  • Heavy-duty fittings throughout.

Safe & Easy to Operate

  • Built with our proprietary, easy-to-use ClearBlast control panel!
  • Intuitive functionality allows you to go from blasting water & abrasive to blasting water or just air with the flick of a switch!
  • Industrial 4-point lifting capability.
  • Easy learning curve makes for more comfortable and safer users.

Maximum Capability, minimum operating cost

  • Quick removal rates of industrial grade coatings.
  • Able to use most standard abrasive types ranging from 20 mesh up to 100 mesh. Wet-grade soda to sand, crushed glass to garnet. Get the results YOU need.
  • Blast pressure adjusts from 40-130 psi, enabling gentle cleaning to aggressive profiling and stripping.
  • Save on rust inhibitor! Uses only 6 gallons of water PER HOUR in blast mode while gaining you 48+hours of flash rust preventative measures.
  • Wheeled platform allows for you to move the blaster where you need it, even through sub 32″ openings and under low entry ways of 49″.
  • Air and water filtration built-in for maximum life of your blaster and its componentry!


Dimensions 49″L x 30″W x 48″H
Weight 575 lbs. (empty)
Air Capacity  185cfm @ 100 psi – 600cfm @ 150 psi
Vessel/Media Capacity 4.5 Cubic Ft. Vessel / 350 lbs. Abrasive (garnet)
Nozzle Size #8 Nozzle Included
Hose Length 50 Ft. Blast Hose Standard,
Up To 200 Ft. with Extension Hoses
Air Supply Fitting Type 1-1/2″ 4-prong quick connect standard/Additional available
Available Accessories Blast Hose Extensions, Alternate Nozzles, Parts Kits, Dosing Pump, Air Supply Hose
Warranty* Complete Machine for 1 Year From Original Purchase Date
*Please see complete warranty for details.
**Specifications subject to change without notice.

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