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The Many Advantages of Wet Abrasive Blasters


Water is supplied from onboard water tanks on both our standalone and trailer models. The water suspends the abrasive media in the cleaning stream and reduces the dispersal of airborne particles. Water consumption during blasting is very low – typically 1 pint per minute.


Abrasive is added to remove coatings and clean surfaces impossible to tackle with conventional systems, and also delivers outstanding efficiency, less consumption, more control, and environmental safety.


Air safely delivers the wet abrasive stream to the surface. This air can be supplied by an on-site air compressor or by the on-board compressor in our fully self-contained models. Available blast pressures ranging from 30 – 130 psi enable you to effectively remove virtually any coating from any surface.


CLEARBLAST Wet Abrasive Blasters use compressed air and very small amounts of water to align the blast media while it travels down the hose with little or no resistance at a high velocity much like a storm of darts. Upon contact, they burst into thousands of sharp “missiles” which actually force their way BETWEEN the surface and the coating being removed. The ability to adjust the aggressiveness as it discharges over a surface means wet abrasive blasting is the most versatile method for removing virtually any coating!

Our Wet Blasters Are More Efficient

ABRASIVE DRY BLAST systems work by hammering hard particles against the coating and substrate until the coating (and the abrasive as well) is pulverized and dispersed into the air. This high-pressure destruction actually damages a portion of the substrate in order to remove the coating! This high-pressure method wastes energy, takes more time, distresses the substrate, can injure workers, and creates clouds of dust and contaminants requiring substantial containment and cleanup.

Safest and Greenest Option

CLEARBLAST Wet Abrasive Blasters eliminate more than 90% of the airborne dust, eliminate abrasive embedment in the substrate, and produce a more consistent profile than conventional dry blasting. Wet abrasive blasters consume up to 80% less media as dry blasting, which makes it not only the safest and greenest option, but the most economical!

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