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We Offer More Than Just Business Cards

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Whether you have a business or are looking to start one, Only CLEARLBAST has what you need to keep both your blasting costs low and your revenue high.

  • Industry proven, reliable, and innovative blasting equipment solutions.
  • Lowest cost of operation in the market.
  • Training and support on the most user-friendly blaster in the industry.
  • Content Inclusive Marketing Packages, both digital and traditional, which are proven to generate captive customer interest in your local area.

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Our business solutions provide what every business needs most: Low operating costs and instant access to interested customers who need your service. That translates to Rapid ROI, and your blasting operation transitioning from “cost center” to “revenue generating asset” as quickly as possible.



Big Performance that fits through any door! See why the 150 is our best seller!



The ULTIMATE in blasting mobility. Click here to see more!



Built for the largest industrial applications.


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Your business needs customers, not business cards. Our marketing opportunities are designed specifically to deliver that.

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